Feb 9, 2009


Is Twitter for real or a fad? All I know is the service inspires bad headlines (see above). Also, New York Magazine has an interesting story about the company (via Romenesko):
You can forgive journalists their Twitter obsession. If you haven’t noticed, we’re in an economic clusterphooey of historic proportions, and many analysts are blaming the media’s failure, in particular, to create information-sharing services like Twitter. But Twitter isn’t making any money yet, either.


Edward Barrera said...

“It’s another step toward the democratization of information"


dumb info = smart info

Anonymous said...

My main argument against Twitter is that anybody can post 'info' there...Did you see the DJ Khaled rumours started during last night's chase? Same goes for Wikipedia...Yes, the web is an awesome tool when gathering information, but you gotta know your sources.