Feb 10, 2009

Roiling in Woodland Hills

According to the Daily News[room] blog, Los Angeles Daily News Editor Carolina Garcia on Friday told reporters and editors that the planned copy desk merger with the San Gabriel Valley Tribune will take place in March. She also told staffers to expect more layoffs, but said the paper would offer buyouts first.

The Daily News[room] reports:
The potential number of layoffs would be dependent on how many employees accepted the buyout offer, but initial reports suggest the target is five or six.

The details and terms of the buyout package are unclear at this time, but several employees have stepped forward in response to the offer.


Anonymous said...

Truly unreal. Can't these so called leaders look a little into what their current economic trends are, assume it won't get better in the near term and make decisions? By the end of the year Ed Moss will be working with his financial chief in a vacated rental space they just moved to based on predictions that were not accurate a couple of weeks after making them. You will sooner see turkeys fly before you see any decisions that make sense from this group. I thought the Human Resource Dept said no more layoffs...they probably won't need to tap anyone on the shoulder, they will now start lining up...what a mess.

Anonymous said...

Well those furloughs worked I guess.

So we just voluntarily paid for Deans new Jazzy/Rascal.