Feb 3, 2009

Only a matter of time*,**

Former Sen. Tom Daschle has withdrawn his name for consideration to become President Barack Obama's czar on health care reform and secretary of Health and Human Services. Daschle had come under fire for failing to pay a substantial amount of taxes, but he'd also made millions working for health-related companies. AP

*Daschle is the second person today to pull out over tax troubles. Nancy Killefer jumped ship earlier this morning.

**Daschled hopes: Why did Daschle have to step aside when Timothy Geithner didn't? Maybe this old campaign commercial, posted on YouTube, provides a hint.

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pasadenapio said...

From the looks of the smoke and bilge blowing out of his exhaust pipe, I figure he gave up the old car the first time he heard the now time-honored phrase "global warming"!