Feb 2, 2009

Monday links

A California GOP official wants to censure any Republican legislator who agrees to balance the budget through tax increases.

Alan Mutter explains why newspapers can't quit print yet (even the online juggernaut Politico relies on a printed paper to bolster revenue). Bill Keller, executive editor of the New York Times, agrees about print, and has more to say about newspapers here.

The managing editor of the Desert Sun of Palm Springs winds up shirtless along the highway.

Less is more colorful
at the San Francisco Chronicle.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't that shirtless absent mind have just resorted to use speaker phone like the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. That shirtless story also lends strength to my mother's warning about wearing "clean underwear in case the police have nothing better to do than to pull you over and strip you in front of a bunch of total strangers."

Anonymous said...

I think he was trying to be funny but I have to agree with you both too. I read this and first thing I thought has this man not heard of speaker phone? My 5 year old daughter knows how to use that feature why doesn't he. He deserved to be pulled over for a lack of common sense.

Let's see what other mindless thing he can do write about next time.