Feb 13, 2009

Cutting to begin at the Press-Enterprise

Ron Redfern, publisher of the Press-Enterprise of Riverside, sent employees a memo on Tuesday to let them know that another round of layoffs is about to begin. Redfern said the company has yet to determine how many people will lose their jobs, but he hopes to be finished with the process by the end of April.

The cuts were anticipated. Parent company A.H. Belo announced in January that it was planning to cut as many as 500 people total at its various newspapers.

Read the full Redfern memo here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Layoffs huh? Mr. Redfern, how many chiefs do you have running that ever-shrinking writing staff? Should any of them see an axe come their way? After all, this is no 'old boys club' right? You guys are interested in protecting the product, not your friends, correct?

The idea of cliques went out the window long time ago when people started losing their jobs.