Jan 15, 2009

Union agreement in Long Beach

The guild representing editorial employees at the Long Beach Press-Telegram has reached a tentative contract agreement with LANG management, the Stress-Telegram reports. All that's left is for members to ratify the thing. Some details from the S-T:
The proposed contract calls for a 2/2/2 wage increase (two percent at ratification, and subsequent annual raises of another two percent), and perhaps most importantly, gives Guild-covered newsroom employees a one-year moratorium on layoffs. Given industry conditions at the moment, obtaining such a guarantee is no small accomplishment.

After a year, if employees are laid off, the team secured additional benefits and rights for our members, including 60 days advance notice (or pay in lieu of), additional severance, and extended health and tuition-reimbursement coverage.


Edward Barrera said...
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Edward Barrera said...

(Let me try this again)
I'm surprised, considering. I would like to read the fine print on that contract.