Jan 15, 2009

Tribune could turn to Post for foreign, national coverage

The Wall Street Journal reports on negotiations between Tribune Co. and the Washington Post that could shrink the Tribune papers even further. From the WSJ:
Tribune Co., which owns the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, is in talks with the Washington Post Co. about a deal to pay the Post for foreign and national coverage for Tribune's eight major dailies.


Talks between Tribune and the Post Co. have been under way for more than a month, but no agreement has been reached, according to people familiar with the matter. One possibility is that Tribune's eight major dailies could close dozens of news bureaus, in favor of publishing the Washington Post's stories from areas where Tribune doesn't have operations.
The story goes on to say that a deal, if reached, might be more collaborative in nature, with the two companies sharing stories, rather than the severe approach referenced above in which a bankrupt Tribune cedes foreign and national coverage to the Post.

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