Jan 31, 2009

Daily Breeze on the move

The Torrance Daily Breeze moved its offices this weekend, leaving behind the Daily Breeze building of 40 years for Suite 170 in the 20000 block of Hawthorne Boulevard. The hours and main phone number will remain the same.

Along with an article about the move, the Daily Breeze has a compendium of historic moments. Maybe more interesting, however, is the remembrance from "Vince the maintenance guy" in the comments section:
I am happy for the Breeze to finaly gets its new 'digs' in a more updated building. Although I am quite saddened at the thought of the old building being removed. I spent 15 years in the old building and I know every crack in the floor, every leaky roof area, every -- problem, that the buidling has had in these last years. I know this as I have repaired and or replaced most of 'everything' many times - in the building. It was very much a labor of love for the old buidling, as the paycheck I received was not much of an incentive...

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