Jan 13, 2009

Taking it to the street

The Chicago Tribune is the latest newspaper to switch to a tabloid-format street edition in hopes of boosting newsstand sales. The tabloid Tribune will cost 75 cents a copy - which, coincidentally, is what the Los Angeles Times now charges for a paper off the rack.

The Tribune will continue delivery the traditional broadsheet to home subscribers. Given the negative connotations of 'tabloid journalism' in America, the move seems to designed to lower the risk that long-term subscribers will drop the paper.

There were reports in September that the OC Register was considering going tabloid - the publisher said he preferred to call it a "compact" newspaper. Not sure whatever happened to that.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't that the OC Post ?

How did that go ?

Not so good.

Gary Scott said...

The suggestion to go tabloid at the Register came post-OC post.

Anonymous said...

I think the Register sobered up and realized the same advertisers won't pay the same money for a 5x10.5 space what they will for a 6x21. It's one thing for an "alternate" edition where you up-sell advertisers, but not for home delivery.

adam hartung said...

Sam Zell refused to accept that the internet had changed competition. Now readers can get more news faster and cheaper on the web - and Tribune Corporation has simply ignored the shift. Lowering paper cost will not save the Chicago Tribune and LA Times. It will take a new leader, and a new strategy. Likewise, making employees work for free is no solution for the market shifts making USAToday and Gannett less viable. Read more at http://www.ThePhoenixPrinciple.com