Jan 10, 2009

Question of the day

Has the pool of the talented disillusioned grown deep enough, and the existing structures weak enough, that new life is possible in Southern California journalism?


Bill said...

You'd think so. But I think the question ends up being: who has the money to finance it?

Anonymous said...

C'mon Gary! You should know by now that your readers don't have anything constructive to say in discussions of the news business. They only come on here to throw rocks and blame Lambert and Pine for ruining the industry.

Anonymous said...

Yes. It is time to take over.

Edward Barrera said...

It's time for the silly name calling and anonymous bitching to end.
I took a job running a website, so I could learn everything about how to run one lean, mean and profitable. Then one day, I will run my own journalism site and pay writers a living wage.
What are you doing?

Jay said...

To anonymous: Perhaps you don't take the time to read all the other posts by Gary about the industry in which people do thoughtfully discuss journalism. You should read more than just the posts about cuts at LANG, etc.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight, reporters and others in journalism are telling people what they can and cannot post about??

Grow up and get real!!

There have been plenry of constructive posts here and if the folks who worked for LANG, or currently work there, want to bitch about it.

That is their right!!!

Anonymous said...


Ah, that's the beauty of the First Amendment, we have the freedom to discuss such things even when it makes other people upset. Freedom of Speech allows these types of forums and discussions which I am thankful someone like Gary has the stones to provide. I can tell you that this site provides the reader not only with a service that shares news but helpful information about the state of journalism. Interesting how you would attack someone who provides that, that says a lot about someone who would do that yet claims to be a journalist.

I agree with the person above me that if you are complaining about this site, it sounds like you are only reading comments that people make about certain entries. A good Web site should provoke thoughtful discussion and, when appropriate, even controversy. To my knowledge, Gary hasn't ever written something that wasn't true. And it isn't Gary's job to praise Singleton or its management, he's not in charge of their public relations. He only reports the truth, which is pretty ugly in case you haven't noticed, and people have a choice about how to react to it and how to comment. I find it ironic that you are criticizing the very freedom that allows you to complain about Gary's blog and knowing him, he'll suck it up and leave your comment up here. Gary has also been really good about monitoring this site. A little too good IMO and has deleted a lot of comments I wish had stayed. But it is HIS site do to with as he wishes. Sorry everybody doesn't always do what you want them to do, Edward. If you don't enjoy this site, just click the little red box with the "x" on it in the corner and this site will just go away! How magical!

So if you or any LANG managers don't like what people are writing in the comments, that just means you can't handle the truth. But that doesn't change what the truth is. Welcome to the United States of America, freedom of speech, real life, anonymous bitching, and the Internet. Now suck on it!

Gary Scott said...

Anon 8:59 AM: Eddie Barrera isn't attacking me. I read his post as a plea for everyone concerned to let go of the anger and start working on solutions.

Anon 5:52 PM: It's true that after a round of layoffs many of the comments left here are angry. Some are unnecessarily personal. I attribute this to a natural cycle of anger, fear and recrimination after a loss, and the twin human desires to have that loss acknowledged and to affix blame.

But anger will quickly give way to introspection. The few people who want to continue to rage will move on. The people who continue to read and comment here simply care about journalism in Southern California (and around the world).

Edward Barrera said...

Read Gary's post again, are we at a point where "new life is possible in Southern California Journalism."
I say yes.
Gary is the last person my "what are you doing" would ever be directed at. He's doing more than I am, and taking it a lot more personally than I. If that wasn't obvious, I apologize to him.
As for waving the first amendment flag, wtf?
So you can bitch, moan and malign people, anonymously or not, but I can't say you're bitching, moaning and maligning people. And that it is silly and unproductive.
That's some interesting interpretation you have.
Serves me right for commenting, I guess. Go back to talking among your like minded folk. I'll just go back to reading Gary's posts thanks.