Jan 25, 2009

Mercury News asked to give up 15 percent

According to a letter posted on the Newspaper Guild's site, MediaNews negotiators have asked newsroom employees at the San Jose Mercury News to accept pay cuts of up to 15 percent and reduced benefits as a way to save the company money. Ad sales reps would also have to depend more on commissions.

Guild negotiators said they needed time to "fashion a response."

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Anonymous said...

Compare the Mercury News union scales to those of other MediaNews papers like the Oakland Tribune and the Los Angeles Daily News.

Now tell me who's overpaid.

The MediaNews 15 percent giveback proposal makes perfect sense in light of the bloated Mercury salaries in comparison to peer newspapers. No doubt those salaries are a legacy of Knight Ridder mismanagement, which resulted in that company disappearing.

Instead of fighting this proposal, the Guild should quickly agree to it in the interest of keeping MediaNews solvent and viable in these challenging times.