Jan 8, 2009


CJR's layoff mad libs, via Romenesko:
As you may have heard (in the newsroom; at Caribou Coffee; on somebody’s blog), John P. Zenger will be leaving his role as (chief investigative reporter; TV critic; ombudsman) at this newspaper.


John has what all the truly great newspaper folk possess – (low self esteem; deep-seated class resentments; a cluster of unfinished screenplays), and a passionate desire to (stay out of the line of fire; crib good stories from colleagues; have the Salisbury steak at the Royal three times a week). Many’s the time I’ve strolled through the newsroom on the way to a meeting with the marketing department and heard John (sobbing quietly; screaming at his accountant; talking about the time he had a beer with Mike Royko).

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