Jan 30, 2009

Breaking up isn't hard to do

A fed up Celeste Fremon of Witness LA kicks the Los Angeles Times off her curb:
I’ve subscribed faithfully to the LA Times for over 30 years and, with great regret, I just this minute cancelled my subscription.


Unfortunately, the LA Times management seems to possess neither optimism—cautious or otherwise—nor a feel for anything resembling innovation (that awful Abrams man, most prominently included).

So I broke up with them.

Like most break-ups, it hurts.

But, while painful—as is always the case—finally doing the honest thing is a relief.

And now I can respect myself in the morning.


Mike Rappaport said...

I have subscribed to a newspaper for my entire adult life -- including by mail when I lived in Austria -- but I am cancalling the Times in the morning.

If newspapers are going to keep cutting back and not respecting their readers, I'll read the news on the Internet or on my BlackBerry.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the cutting of (physical) sections means there's going to be less news to read on your BlackBerry.

We're canceling the Times too.