Dec 16, 2008

Three days a week

It's official. The Detroit Free Press and Detroit News announced today they will cut home delivery service from 7 days a week to three. Readers will now only be able to get the paper on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.

The papers, which are being redesigned, still will be printed and sold at newsstands every day. The partnership [that operates the two papers] said subscribers would have daily access to electronic editions that would be copies of the printed edition for a flat rate of $12 a month.
The plan also calls for laying off up to 9 percent of the workforce.

The Wall Street Journal confirmed rumors of the cutbacks last week.


Anonymous said...

AP Writers are on 'byline strike'....

Isn't there a Singleton link?

Andrew said...

What's the problem? Newsprint costs money.

Anonymous said...

If newspapers were smart, they would go back to evening delivery. The purpose of morning delivery was for folks to read all the stuff they did not know happened at night, with the advent of CNN, Twitter, text messaging and social networks - we easily know what is going on before heading off to bed.

Throw the paper at 1 p.m. and have it waiting for people when they get home from work and may not have heard much about the day's business.

Anonymous said...

you lost me after if newspapers were smart!