Dec 2, 2008

School board takes no action on superintendent

The LAUSD school board met behind closed doors today to decide the fate of Superintendent David Brewer. Although board members reportedly had the votes they needed to fire him, they chose to defer any action until the one African-American school board member comes back to town.

From the LAT:
The Los Angeles Board of Education met in closed session this morning, but did not take action on the fate of schools Supt. David L. Brewer, who faces increasing pressure to step down midway through a four-year contract.

Although board members and sources close to them suggested that the votes were there to dismiss Brewer, a complication arose with the absence of board member Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte. LaMotte is representing the Los Angeles Unified School District in San Diego at a weeklong meeting of the California School Boards Assn., and she reportedly declined to return to deliberate Brewer's future.

LaMotte is the board's only African American member, and officials were reluctant to act against Brewer, who also is black, without LaMotte in the room. LaMotte's trip to San Diego -- a two- to three-hour drive from Los Angeles -- had been scheduled some time ago.
By delaying a decision, the board has probably given Brewer and his supporters the leverage they need to negotiate a better severance package.

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