Dec 5, 2008

Mi guerra es su guerra*

Unlike here, Mexico's 'war on drugs' looks like a war. Since the start of 2007, the country has recorded 6,836 drug-related deaths. The staggering numbers are only eclipsed by the savagery of the killers. While the violence has so far stopped at the border, the war's roots run deep inside the U.S.

Fortunately the Los Angeles Times has decided to devote serious resources to covering Mexico's drug war, despite cuts in other areas of international reporting. The stories from reporters Richard Marosi, Tracy Wilkinson, Ken Ellingwood, Sam Quinones and others are collected here.

*UPDATED: The latest story comes Sam Quinones, who looks at a 2007 massacre at a Monterrey, Mexico jewelry store. The killers left four people dead and didn't take a thing. Video included.

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