Dec 10, 2008

Big cuts at NPR West*

Kevin Roderick reports on LA Observed that 64 NPR employees lost their jobs today as part of a massive cutback in the news department. Kim Masters, a Hollywood reporter and frequent guest on "Which Way, LA?," is among those being laid off. Additionally, "Day to Day" and "News and Notes" will be taken off the air on March 20.

*UPDATE: Roderick posts the memo from NPR CEO Dennis Haarsager:
Today, we are announcing the cancellation of News & Notes and Day to Day, and significant budget reductions across the organization. These cuts include the elimination of 64 filled and 21 unfilled positions, many of which are associated with the two cancelled programs. Positions have also been eliminated across NPR, including reporting, editorial, and production staffs; station services; digital media; research; communications; and administrative support. Overall, this is a 7% reduction in NPR’s current workforce.
NPR's David Folkenflik also has a story on the cuts - included is a breakdown of who is being fired from where:
["Day to Day" and "News and Notes"] will go off the air on March 20, and the 34 journalists working for them will lose their jobs, including hosts Madeleine Brand and Farai Chideya. The shows are both based in Culver City, Calif., at NPR West, a major satellite operation.

...Beyond the two shows, another 12 journalists will lose their jobs throughout NPR News.

Companywide, NPR is laying off 64 people and eliminating 21 other positions that are currently vacant. NPR News will still have more than 800 employees on staff, including about 300 journalists.

(Note: This item was posted earlier today and then reposted with updates)

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Anonymous said...

So I guess most of the anecdotes used in NPR's "national" stories will continue to come from the D.C. suburbs then. What a bummer.