Nov 7, 2008

Tribune names Washington bureau chief

The head of Tribune Broadcasting's Washington bureau will run the show for all of Tribune's news operations - including the Los Angeles Times. From MarketWatch:
Cissy Baker today was named vice president of the Washington News Bureau for Tribune Company, overseeing all newsgathering operations in the nation's capital for the company's publishing, broadcasting and interactive divisions. She will also be responsible for coordinating news coverage and facilitating content sharing among the company's media businesses.


Baker helped launch CNN in 1980. In 1982 Baker left CNN to pursue a career in politics. At the age of 25 she ran for Congress in Tennessee's Fourth Congressional District, where her family home was located. While she won the primary, she lost the general election. Singed by that experience, she decided to go back into television and exact her revenge inside the Beltway.

In 1983 she became a Washington correspondent for CNN covering Capitol Hill, The White House and the Supreme Court. She became national editor of CNN in 1985 and vice president and managing editor of CNN in 1988. Feeling the need to get some "fair and balanced" experience, Baker left CNN in 1990 and took a job as vice president and managing editor of the FOX News Service in Washington, coordinating national news feeds and breaking news for Fox affiliates nationwide.
(Via Romenesko)

UPDATE: Kevin Roderick at LA Observed reports that long-time Times bureau chief Doyle McManus will become an op-ed writer.

Also, the consolidation of the various Tribune Co. bureaus is only a first step. Job cuts are expected to follow on Nov. 18, with as many as eight Times staffers being told to go.

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Anonymous said...

So the remnants of the L.A. Times Washington bureau will be headed by a TV newsperson who ran a failed campaign for Congress? God help us.