Nov 21, 2008

Time to kill the rhyme

First off, just because something rhymes does make it wisdom. So let's put a bullet into the tired phrase "No drama Obama" so no more lazy political writers can use it to evaluate the president-elect's cabinet choices and campaign style.

I say this as Hillary Clinton's people confirm to the New York Times that she will take the secretary of state job. Much has been written about the Clintons introducing drama into Obama's drama-less inner sanctum were she to accept the position.

Obama is a drama magnet. The very nature of his candidacy - first African-American presidential candidate - was dramatic. His win was dramatic. His win in the midst of great economic upheaval and two wars is dramatic. His beating Clinton in the longest primary ever recorded followed by an election campaign that made "palling around with terrorists" a household term is dramatic. Rev. Jeremiah Wright surfaced in a most dramatic way and Obama responded with a dramatic speech. And the entire campaign was compared to a television political drama (The West Wing).

The fact that his campaign aides didn't leak much information is not "no drama."

If you want to argue that Obama prefers to be the calm in the midst of a roiling storm, then you might have an interesting point. Then you might ask: Doesn't he court drama? If so, isn't Hillary Clinton a natural choice for secretary of state?

To be the calm at the center of a storm one needs a storm.

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