Nov 17, 2008

Behind the curtain

It's been roughly a year since I started this humble blog and humble it remains.

According to Technorati, I've clawed my way up to 333,810th most popular blog in the United States and, according to Google AdSense, I've earned $14.74 from my single advertisement.

Since Oct. 17, I've had 5,935 visitors - 1,795 of them absolutely unique. These visitors have spent an average of 2 minutes 24 seconds on the site and gone 1.66 pages deep.

Still, not a single layoff.


Anonymous said...

After reviewing your advertising revenue and the projections for next year, it is our recommendation that you:

1) Close your Sacramento office
2) Lay off 75% of your newsroom staff
3) Merge with another blog

Thanks for your continuing support.

The Bean Counters

Jay said...

Been meaning to tell you, there's going to have to be some cuts and we're going to have to let you go...

Anonymous said...

Now now. Let's not cut hastily. Let's do some math first.

Can we cut equipment first?

After all, we don't need much of that... Um, Gary, do you really need a monitor? I mean, you can just watch yourself type right?

That would also elminiate the need for a mouse. That might shave off a few cents.

All you would need is a keyboard, a hard drive and a little faith that your actually on your blog and not on some porn site writing to Little Miss Felony who loves "long walks on the beach and happy endings."

That's it! We're eliminating your monitor. Sorry.

Kolshak said...

Gary's blog will now carry pick-up content from LA.COM and the San Bernardino Sun.