Oct 18, 2008

Move 'em out

The San Jose Mercury News will consider selling its headquarters and moving into rental space to save money. Such moves are a tradition in the cut-and-consolidate MediaNews empire. The Long Beach Press-Telegram, L.A. Daily News and Torrance Daily Breeze are some of the most recent practitioners.

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Anonymous said...

Message to sinpleton... I mean, singleton...

Sell the West Covina land that is the Tribune NOW... before prices drop lower. And move all those 3 workers left there to a studio-sized office in cheaper than cheap baldiwn park. Or, you can build an entire city for overseas workers there, maybe fit 1 million of them, for cheap, charge them a dole for living there and provide their food at higher prices... Then they would end up owing you money at the end of the month and you'd make out like a bandit!