Sep 5, 2008

Being for it and against it

The Daily Show has managed to mine mints full of gold from a simple premise: political pundits often contradict themselves and it is highly satisfying to catch them in the act. The latest effort, seen here, has to do with the Republican-leaning pundits playing the sexism card to shield Sarah Palin from criticism.

Watching these self-serving contradictory statements is clearly compelling, even without the funnyman. It's also news. So why don't cable news outlets run through their archives to out hypocrisy in the chattering class? Could it be that they depend on these pundits to fill their talk shows and 24-hour news cycles and so choose not to hold them to account?

Opinion-makers are highly influential people this country. The Daily Show can't police them all. If Youtube ever had a call to arms, here it is.

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