Sep 1, 2008

Not the bump they were looking for

As the McCain campaign tries to turn revelations that Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, is pregnant into a "Juno" moment, new polls suggest Barack Obama got a bigger boost from the Democratic convention than McCain from his VP choice.

CBS News has the Obama-Biden up eight points over McCain-Palin, at 48-40. The poll also shows Obama-Biden making big gains with independent voters.

A USA Today/Gallup Poll conducted over the weekend has Obama-Biden up 50-43 in a head-to-head race with McCain-Palin. The poll also found Obama reaching even with McCain on the question of who is the stronger, more decisive leader. The poll suggests a tough road ahead for Palin as well.

CNN/Opinion Research Corp. has the race virtually tied as of Sunday night. Obama-Biden are at 49, McCain-Palin at 48. The poll also found 50 percent of respondents don't think Palin is qualified to take over as president.

Nate Silver has a roundup of the polls on his blog. His advice: Ignore the numbers for now and take another look midway through next week.

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