Sep 12, 2008

Comings and goings

Ben Demers left the San Bernardino Sun for the Glendale News-Press in May. Now I'm told Demers has left the Glendale News-Press to become the city editor of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, the San Bernardino Sun's sister paper.

Good luck to Ben.

*Correction: I mistakenly posted that Demers was going to become CE of the Sun. That, of course, gave Sun City Editor George Watson a bit of a fright. My apologies. The above post has since been corrected.


Brad A. Greenberg said...

Gary, I think Ben is going to your old stomping grounds, the Daily Bulletin.

Gary Scott said...

Thanks, Brad. You're absolutely right, Demers is going to the DB, not the Sun as I mistakenly posted. My bad. A correction is appended.

I've never worked at the DB, however.

Anonymous said...

Goodness Gary. I think you owe George W. a beer.

Anonymous said...

The Sun has become a much better much healthier place to work since Watson took over as city editor and White was asked to leave. Watson is extremely capable. The reporters seem happier at least and I understand the city desk seems to be running smoothly.