Sep 19, 2008

As the Sun turns

The latest former San Bernardino Sun reporter to be profiled in Paul Oberjuerge's periodically updated "Seasons in the Sun" series is Nate Ryan '98, now a sports writer at USA Today:
I’ve known some very good journalists. But I don’t think I would want to share a beer — let alone a confidence — with most of them. There’s just something about the profession, especially the reporting side. To really get ahead requires selfishness, a willingness to use/betray sources and colleagues, and a keen eye for self-promotion. Actually, some of the best journos are almost sociopathic.

Then there is Nate Ryan, who has managed the fairly rare feat of being a good guy and a good journalist and reporter.

Is there any higher praise in this business than 'not a sociopath'? Read the rest of the post here.

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