Aug 22, 2008

Comings and goings

The Daily News has a couple new editors. LA Observed has the story.


Anonymous said...

The link is to a Washington Post story about withdrawing from Iraq.

Gary Scott said...

Thanks. Link fixed.

Anonymous said...

"Mariel Garza will, I expect, nudge the Daily News editorial page away from the angry suburbanite tone and mostly conservative positions of ex-editor Chris Weinkopf, but you never know."

You can only hope. I would also be curious to see who the DN will endorse for president this time around...They endorsed Bush four years ago and boy, was that a mistake.

Anonymous said...

She can nudge all she wants, however, the paper has become an empty shell and to most folks in the SFV, will continue to have less and less meaning. Does it really matter who the DN endorses for president?

Maybe they can invest in real products that are worth reading.

Anonymous said...

I always thought newspapers had no business endoring politicians - but it doesn't stop them from doing it.

I truly hope Mariel will steer the editorial board away from the conservative leaning characteristic of Weinkopf, but I can almost hear the comments from the DN readers now...."G-damn Latinos! I'm cancelling my subscription!"