Jul 15, 2008

'Tribune troubles' on PBS

The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer will look at what's roiling newspaper industry in light of the resignations yesterday of the publisher of the Los Angeles Times and editor of the Chicago Tribune. The email press release follows:

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The newspaper industry took two more casualties yesterday, when Anne Marie Lipinski, editor of the Chicago Tribune, and David Hiller, publisher of the Los Angeles Times, resigned their positions. The common denominator was that both papers are owned by the Tribune Company, an industry leader that was bought last December by real estate magnate Sam Zell in an $8.2 billion dollar deal that took the company private, while saddling it with debt.

All this comes amidst turmoil at many US newspapers that are cutting back newsroom staff and news space to keep profits from falling steeply during this economic slowdown.

Tonight on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, Jeffrey Brown looks at the newspaper industry's troubles with Esther Thorson, journalism school associate dean at the University of Missouri and Jon Fine, Media Columnist for BusinessWeek magazine.

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