Jul 22, 2008

Sam and Randy meet their press

Tribune reporters will have a chance to ask questions of Sam Zell and Randy Michaels this morning - or afternoon, depending on where you live.

The memo from Gary Weitman, senior vice president for corporate relations for Tribune Co., is below. I couldn't get the link to work, so maybe it's locked to non-Trib folks. Also, I don't know if his reference is to Tribune Co. reporters, or reporters from the Chicago Tribune.

As we move past the six-month mark as a private company, both Sam and Randy have gotten a lot of requests for interviews. They want to respond first to the requests from our own newspapers, so this afternoon Sam and Randy will take questions from Tribune reporters in a teleconference at 1 pm CT (2 pm ET, 11 am PT). The session will be on the record and employees can listen in by clicking on the link below:


We'll archive the Q&A on TribLink afterward for anyone who can't tune in live. The archive will be available through Friday, Aug. 1. We'll also post a transcript late tomorrow.

Please listen in if you get the chance.

Gary Weitman
SVP/Corporate Relations

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