Jul 8, 2008


Haven't heard enough bad news about the newspaper industry? Then tune into KCRW 89.9 at noon today to hear five smart people talk about crumbling finances and difficult transition to digital. We hope to touch on downsizing, outsourcing, citizen journalism, and hit counts, along with the more obvious topics of shrinking profits and shrinking newsrooms.

If you're busy at noon, podcast it or download it at kcrw.org/tothepoint.

Here's the guest list:

Richard Perez-Pena
, media reporter for the New York Times;
Russ Stanton, editor of the Los Angeles Times;
John Carroll, former editor of the Los Angeles Times and now freelance writer;
Ken Doctor, industry analyst who blogs at Content Bridges, and;
Lee Siegel, culture critic and author of "Against the Machine: Being Human in the Age of the Internet"

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Shintzer said...

Nice guest list. Will definitely tune in.