Jul 15, 2008

The new boss

Gerould Kern takes over as editor of the Chicago Tribune, following yesterday's resignation of Ann Marie Lipinksi. He tells his paper he's ready for change:

With advertising revenue in decline, Kern said the industry must respond. "Some time-honored practices are going to have to change and I'm not going to shrink from doing that."

The story doesn't go into detail about what time-honored practices Kern is talking about. However, he does seem to embrace a community journalism philosophy, and he does want to see the paper "lighten up".:

The Tribune, he said, needs to get better at providing news that is "personally helpful" to readers, stories that help them make choices and navigate through an increasingly complicated world. He also said the Tribune needs to lighten up a bit.

"I want us to be more fun to be with," he said.

(Corrected: I'd mistakenly listed Kern/Lipinski as publishers of the Tribune.)

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