Jun 3, 2008

Comings and goings*

After a series of departures from the Pasadena Star-News, there's finally an arrival to report.

Nate McIntire, a graduate of Pomona College and USC journalism school, will fill one of the open city-side slots at the paper. Until last week, McIntire worked as an assistant at the Los Angeles Times, covering prep sports. Prior to that he was a research assistant at West Magazine, which is no longer. McIntire interned at the Star-News in 2005, so will be on somewhat familiar ground.

With McIntire on staff, the Star-News will have four full-time reporters. An expected transfer of SGV Tribune reporter Dan Abendschein to Pasadena would bring the number to five.

*Update: I'm told Ben Baeder, a one-time city reporter for the San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group, will return on a 6-month contract to write for the group's business section.


Shintzer said...

Didn't the Star-News have nine reporters back in the day? Sad, sad.

Anonymous said...

what's even sadder is they actually ran a little pink box on today's issue acting as if reporting local news is something of a redesign, oooops I forgot - for them it is.
Besides that, running a section informing people what's on the blogs is a BAD idea. Once they realize that Giradots blog is about the only one reading, and is far more interesting than anything in the paper ... well you know the rest.

Ben Baeder said...

hey Gary. cool blog

calwatch said...

Good for him. I went to school with him in junior high, back when he was a fan of Notre Dame and used to write limericks for fun. He was a smart kid then and will make a good addition to the Star News.