May 16, 2008


John Futch was laid off as managing editor of the Long Beach Press-Telegram in the downsizing/restructuring/gutting that occurred at Singleton's SoCal papers in March. Then, executive city editor Jason Gewirtz left to take a job at a local sports magazine. Now, the P-T has rehired Futch to fill the Gewirtz vacancy (via LA Observed).

From P-T reporter John Canalis, who writes the Canalis Report: Good news: John is back. He returned to the P-T full time Wednesday as executive city editor. A vacancy created when Jason Gewirtz took an editing job at an L.A. magazine made it possible to rehire John.

Though his old managing editor job is gone, he again holds the news side's No. 2 position, reporting to Executive Editor Rich Archbold.

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Anonymous said...

Futch should be good and docile since he's already been canned once before.