May 2, 2008

Quick Q&A with Kleinbaum

Josh Kleinbaum, director of audience development at LANG, graciously answers a few questions about the computer troubles that hit LANG this week.

Has the glitch in the LANG blog system been successfully diagnosed?

We have to remove calls to a specific plugin from the blog templates, and we have to do it one blog at a time, so it's not a quick fix, but as we go through applying it to blogs, it looks like it's working.

Is there a connection between the Unisys meltdown and the blog troubles?

[I] can tell you with certainty that the blog problems and the Unisys problems are completely unrelated.

What's with the new job title?

We've had a reorg in the LANG Interactive department under new VP Brent Morris, and he changed my title as part of the reorganization. Duties haven't changed significantly, but there will be subtle differences. 'Managing Editor' means I'm responsible for editorial initiatives. This title means I'll be involved in decision-making in all aspects of LANG Interactive, not just editorial (which has been the case for a long time now, really, but this just makes it official, I guess).

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