May 2, 2008

The fix is in

As some of the LANG blogs start coming back to life, another memo goes out:


MNGi is now working with an engineer from SixApart, the company that makes Movable Type, to try to fix the publishing issue. They believe they've narrowed the problem down to a plugin, and are now trying to fix it. I wish I could give you a timeline on when the problem will be fixed, but I can't. I can tell you that we're doing everything we can here to get to the bottom of the problem, and MNGi is doing the same in Denver.

As a side note, I'm taking bets on which will be up and running first: blogs or unisys. The Vegas line favors Unisys, but only by a hair.

If you have any questions, comments or just want to vent, feel free to e-mail me. Trust me, your frustrations are shared.

thanks, Josh

That is Josh Kleinbaum, who I mistakenly referred to as managing editor of interactive for LANG. His correct title is director of audience development.


Anonymous said...

Online 2 Print 0

Bill said...

Seriously, time to just shut these "papers" down. What a disaster.