May 14, 2008

Edwards Watch '08*, **

There are hints all over the intertubes that John Edwards is on the verge of endorsing Barack Obama for president, maybe as early as this evening.

That would certainly steal the thunder from Hillary Clinton, who just beat Obama's head in with a West Virginia rock, and help wavering superdelegates jump the fence into Obama's camp.

Of course, these assholes could have let this slip a few hours earlier in time for my show today on the state of the presidential race. But they didn't.


**Edwards just gave his one nation/two nations speech in Michigan as part of his endorsement. He brings with him 19 delegates, more than enough to erase the gains Clinton made in West Virginia yesterday. And now, the story is again about Obama. Best part of the speech, the "Hello, Albert, can you hear me?" technical problem on MSNBC. Now Clinton has to once again argue that she should be running to take this away from Obama. She can't. Now Kentucky becomes a liability for the Democrats generally, not just Obama specifically.

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