May 28, 2008

Comings and goings

Two imminent departures from the Los Angeles Newspaper Group to report.

Josh Kleinbaum, director of audience development for LANG, has given notice and will be leaving as of June 3. Kleinbaum says: "My wife, who works for Yahoo, got the opportunity for a job in their NY office, so we're moving to New York (where I grew up, and all my family is). I don't have a job yet, but have a few good leads and am pretty confident I'll land something. I'm looking at jobs in the online content development world, not just at newspapers."

Fred Ortega, who covers Pasadena City Hall for the Pasadena Star-News, just gave his two-weeks notice today. He is leaving to take a job as community affairs deputy for Board of Equalization chairwoman Judy Chu. He will be working out of her Monterey Park headquarters.


AP said...

Good look to Fred.

I will miss my favorite Ham & Egger.

- AP

AP said...

AP said...

I also meant to say "Good luck".

Damn alcohol.

Fred said...

Thanks Aaron.

Anonymous said...

"Josh Kleinbaum, director of audience development"

Now thats a tough position.

Anonymous said...

Another great loss...I cant wait till it's my turn to get off the Titanic too...good luck Fredrico!!!!

Anonymous said...

appears the talent drain at langland continues in all departments.

i think the business today is tough but talk about leadership shooting themselves in the groin!

want to take bets on more layoffs and a continued downhill revenue plunge.

it is getting verrrrrry ugly.

darleene said...

Two stand up guys I've worked with. Man, newspapers suck right now.

Anonymous said...

Newspapers don't suck. It is the spineless owners and their no character and brainless management that is driving a tough business climate further into the ground. What a shame!