May 12, 2008

Comings and goings*

Two departures from LANG's San Gabriel Valley newspapers to report. Melissa Pamer, a writer covering several cities for the Pasadena Star-News, is heading to the Daily Breeze in Torrance. Kevin Felt, who writes for the SGVN weeklies and covers Arcadia for the Star-News, has given notice as well. He is planning to travel to China.

Make that three departures: Audrey Reed, business reporter for the San Gabriel Valley papers, is leaving to go to law school.


william said...
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Anonymous said...

Good scribes continue to exit a rapidly sinking ship.

Singleton who wants fifty percent of profits to be internet in three years doesn't use a computer.

He also states in a recent article that his circulation is growing. Dean, just wait a few months and let us have that discussion.

And, Singleton may get to fifty percent internet, but, it will be because of the rapidly shrinking print drop, not any new whiz bang ideas.

Also aside to Dean, if you think that revenue loss today is cyclical like past downturns, you are mistaken. When the unemployment numbers are this low, recruitment business should be booming. Your newspapers employment business isn't. Down up to 60 percent in some large markets.

I am afraid you are getting bad signals from your top management team.

Grumbo said...

Fifty percent of profits to be internet. 100% of losses in print. If Dean Simpleton had a clue, he'd package his papers to the highest bidder and invest fifty percent of those profits in oil and the other fifty percent in gas.

Mike Rappaport said...

Singleton may figure out a way to make money with these businesses, but I guarantee you they won't be real newspapers when he's through with them.

Shoppers, maybe.

Anonymous said...

"Also aside to Dean, if you think that revenue loss today ..."

Hey Einstein ... er, Larry. Perhaps you haven't heard, employment ads nationwide on a steady decline -- 16 percent down nationwide in April (source: Conference Board). We know you're bitter, but ...

todd said...

Full disclosure, reporter-G? <.<

Anonymous said...

No way will get 50 percent profit from the net. They have NOT made a 10 from the net to date and have no idea how to do that in the future.

Circulation is down not up. The current numbers are:

Daily: 29,500

Sunday: 29,700

Which puts them below 30k for the first time since the paper ceased to publish twice a day.

Anonymous said...

Larry, wasn't that (under 30) under your watch?