May 1, 2008

Asking for help

As the IT department at LANG continues to try to get Unisys up and running, the online team has officially given up on its new blog server and is reaching out for help. Here's a portion of a memo Josh Kleinbaum, managing editor of interactive:

....MNGi realized that this blog problem is beyond their grasp, and is actually paying for Movable Type technical support, and they expect the MT techies will look at it either today or tomorrow, and hopefully fix it ...


Mike Rappaport said...

There is a fascinating thing happening with this and other blogs.

In most businesses, the general public never sees the incompetence that goes into management. Businesses succeed or they fail and most folks never know why.

But the monster that Dean Singleton and to a lesser extent Steve Lambert have created with LANG has resulted in two things:

1. A lot of folks like myself, Gary, Paul Oberjuerge and others who have spent their lives chasing the news are trying to tell the story of what has happened.

2. A lot of others, many of whom still work for Singleton and/or Lambert, are posting anonymous responses about the ineptitude going into the daily business there.

As a result, people will know a lot more of what happened, is happening and will happen in the LANG debacle than ever knew about Enron, WorldCom, etc.

Print the news and raise hell.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Getting rid of Quark and Coyote as a back-up? Who's idea was that?

~Someone in the trenches