Apr 14, 2008

John McCain, media critic

If there's anyone who should be dispensing advice on how to gain the respect of the American people it's a politician.

Thankfully, that's just what John McCain did at the annual meeting of the Associated Press. As reported in the Los Angeles Times:

"The workings of American newsrooms are some of the least transparent enterprises in the country, and it is easy to believe that the press has one set of standards for government, business and other institutions, and entirely another for themselves," said McCain, whose reputation for "straight talk" makes him a favorite of the media. "And if you don't mind a little constructive criticism from someone who respects you, I think that is an impression the press should work on correcting."

In addition to telling the assembled press to afflict the comfortable AND themselves, Mr. Straight Talk gave his begrudging support to a federal Shield Law as if he were handing the car keys to a reckless teenager:

Saying he hopes he will not come to "deeply regret my decision" to support the bill, McCain asked if news organizations, "when you do something controversial or something that many people find wrong and harmful, you would explain fully and honestly how and why you did it and confess your mistakes."

Cough, Vicki Iseman, cough.

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