Apr 16, 2008

The great beyond

Laid-off San Bernardino Sun sports columnist Paul Oberjuerge reaches Stage V: Acceptance:

Our journalism jobs weren’t guarantees of lifetime employment. Our industry didn’t have some special right to exist forever or be immune to market forces. What we did wasn’t as noble as we would have outsiders believe.


We should be spending far more time and energy envisioning how the news source of the future will work. What it will look like. How we can be part of it. The need for clear writing and editing isn’t going away. Our expertise still has value. Most of us will have a fighting chance to fit into What’s Next.

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Anonymous said...

By far his worst blog. To argue that journalism doesnt have a special, indispensable role to play in free-market democracies is flatly untrue. Coming from a journalist, it's anathema.