Apr 21, 2008

Editorial obsolescence

Someone else just doesn't get the journalistic vision of corporate America.

Marcus Brauchli, editor of the Wall Street Journal for less than a year, is quitting over differences with his bosses. The New York Times reports:

Journal newsroom employees say that [owner Rupert] Murdoch and the publisher he installed, Robert J. Thomson, have made it clear that they think the paper has too many editors, and have instructed Mr. Brauchli to thin the ranks, potentially making room in the headcount for more reporters. Two people briefed on Mr. Brauchli’s thinking said that had become a major point of contention.

The changes are apparently intended to make the Journal more of a general interest paper to compete with the New York Times, which, strangely enough, has a slightly smaller circulation: The Journal has weekday circulation in the United States of more than two million, second only to USA Today.

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