Mar 15, 2008

Paul Oberjuerge offers some advice

Recently downsized, former San Bernardino Sun sports columnist Paul Oberjuerge has compiled a Top 10 list of things to do - and not to do - if you want to stay employed in the ever-shrinking world of print journalism.

A few of the suggestions: embrace the web, chase bylines, suck up and slim down.

Number 4: Stop whining. Journalism is a business notorious for its contrary and crabby people, for second-guessers and “that’s not how we’ve done it before” grousers. Five years ago you might have been overlooked as the Charming Curmudgeon. Now, you’re the Negative Nellie. When the call comes down to trash another 10 percent of the newsroom, don’t be the relentless kvetcher who immediately pops into the editor’s mind. Oh, and remember, “second-guessing” now consists of anything other than instant acceptance.

Number 10: Achieve excellence. Five years ago I would have listed this first. Now, it barely makes the list. Competence is a defense, but it no longer is first, second, third or ninth. But, all things being equal, if the cut is between you and someone else who is just as fat and bitchy as you are … the person who is better at their job will survive. (Till next time.)


Anonymous said...

I read Paul's 10 tips but the fat thing I'm not so sure about. I can name at least 5 people who are heay and unproductive and they would have been fired if this were true but they weren't and a lot of people who did get fired were not fat. One person I know even lost weight and was still fired.

Anonymous said...

Well, man bites dog happens. Maybe the chubby ones you refer to are in the inner circle, part of the dark side.

Just make sure YOU follow these rules along with 10.1 in PO's comments.

Anonymous said...

at what point does one's physical appearance dictate the type of job one can do??? it seems that as an educated person, a journalist, you all would have something more concrete to base your negative opinions on, such as ones abilities. attacking someone's physical appearance shows a lack of grace, tact and maturity. i am praying to the acne gods that you are attacked at once!!!!

Anonymous said...


Post right above chastises people for being prejudiced, and what do they do,

call the acne gods on us. What a hypocrite.

The only ability that works here is if you really know how to pucker up to smelly asses, and believe you me, all those p at the top are expert professionals at it. You might say they have an MBA-K. Masters of Butty & A** Kissing.

Anonymous said...

yes..i did sic the acne gods on all of you who feel the need to assault anyone on these sites for any type of physical reasons. and yes, you can call me a hypocrite. but wouldn't it be nice if we all just took a minute to reflect on those around us and what they may be up against that we don't even know about. fat, ugly, saggy, pimply--so what. we all have to still work where we work and us low lifes still working here in this muck we call lang might as well band together and help push each other up instead of constantly taking shots at one another. and i don't believe that i once mentioned i had tact or grace...but i do have the maturity to take my slaps as they come.
i will call the acne gods off..i humbly apologize to all!!!!

Anonymous said...

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