Mar 19, 2008

New face at MediaNews

Oliver Knowlton has joined the management team at MediaNews Group. From the company's press release (via Romenesko):

Knowlton comes to MediaNews Group after a successful twenty five year career at Time, Inc., most recently as General Manager of the Sports Illustrated franchise, including SI Digital properties. Knowlton was instrumental in the development of Time’s early internet strategies in the late 1990’s, eventually running before moving into the roll of General Manager of the entire Sports Illustrated franchise.

Knowlton will join MediaNews President Joseph Lodovic, Executive Vice President Mark Winkler, and CEO Dean Singleton "to form the Office of the Chairman, whose responsibilities will be to provide strategic direction and operational oversight to the Company."

Knowlton likes to run marathons and keep to schedule, according to a 1991 profile in Time magazine.

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