Mar 6, 2008

More on that big announcement, and other updates

The big announcement that was supposed to happen at the SGVN papers tomorrow might not happen after all, I'm told. I can say it has to do with rumors that one of the paper's top editors is either walking out or being forced out of his job. I'll post when I can get confirmation.

In related news, the SGVN papers are indeed further consolidating operations with the San Bernardino Sun. As one source told me, "We are now a satellite of the Sun."

Finally, of the 10 positions that were cut in editorial at SGVN, two are open positions, one reporter and one copy editor, that will be taken off the books. And another copy editor/page designer has been laid off.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Gary for maintaining this blog and following this issue ... it's been a good source of info for us LANG folks. I am SHOCKED to see the quality people who were laid off at the Sun.

Anonymous said...

OK. Was Steve O'Sullivan axed or not? Don't be spreading false rumors, please.