Mar 9, 2008

Meanwhile, in Santa Barbara

The documentary "Citizen McCaw" opened Friday (via LA Observed)


Anonymous said...

is it true that the fred and fred show is crumbling very quickly around them? Seems an ad ops sick out to protest the stupid relocation of folks to the kingdom of the freds has grated some nerves.

is it also true that the freds believe there is a spy in their midst? No kidding! People battered and bruised with crappy or no communication leaking inside gossip, what a novel idea. Surly they wouldnt try to find out who is doing the leaking would they?

by the way, the experts left in the biz at lang couldnt hit water if they fell out of a boat, how do you think they can execute anything but the demise of the company. they arent done yet, more folks will still be let go.

Anonymous said...

amen brother or sister, what a sad, sad joke the newspapers in lang have become. Wasn't the margin at SGVN group in the mid to high teens? Great reward for all the work the people put in.