Mar 29, 2008

Fit the cog tells journalism graduates to get over newspaper writing and get Web skills. Most of the advice is sensible and practical and reflects the reality that knowing how to get the story - and how to get the story right - isn't what really matters most to most newspapers anymore.

Newsrooms discovering the Internet is like cavemen discovering fire. Maybe once we master this tool we can then start talking about how best to use it for the sake of good journalism. That's the discussion that we should be having.


Anonymous said...

Yes but how many people make even a paltry 10k a year blogging?

The web has not proven to be the newspaper replacement many claim it will be.

Start charging people for it and see how many folks will take it. Once newspapers start attempting to make money off the web, we will quickly find it aint the answer either.

Gary Scott said...

I agree. I'm not advocating we become bloggers, I just wish we could get past this discussion about learning new tools and talk instead about how those tools actually serve good journalism.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you there. We definitely need that discussion