Feb 4, 2008

The New York Giants strategy

Few political strategists not already locked up in an insane asylum would purposely leak a memo like this one without believing it somehow works to their advantage.

In the memo, Barack Obama campaign manager David Plouffe essentially concedes California and the Big Blue coastal states to Clinton. His basic argument is that Obama will be beaten, but will survive to fight another day. Not that inspiring.

The question is, is Plouffe trying to whip up a frenzy within the ranks of Obama supporters? Or trying to ratchet down expectations in hopes that a big win will look like a big surprise? Or is he trying to write the subhead for when Hillary comes out on top tomorrow?: "Hillary wins big on Tsunami Tuesday; Obama still in the hunt."

Or maybe he's doing all three things at once. Indeed, it's always smart to bet the spread when you're not sure your team can rally in the final quarter against the favorite.

One thing is for sure, Obama should have been talking about underdogs all day today after the Giants took down the mighty Patriots.

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