Feb 26, 2008

Debate! Debate! 3

First up after the break: Obama responds to the "all talk, no action" accusation from Clinton. Clinton comes back with the you can't "hope" your way to solving problems. She's a fighter, not a hoper.

Obama responds by saying you can't just fight your way to health care reform.

Will Obama opt out of his public financing pledge? He doesn't exactly say yes, but he means yes.

Will Clinton release her tax return now? She doesn't exactly say no, but she means no. (And will she release her calendar as First Lady? Yes, but so many stumbling blocks...)

Will he reject Minister Farrakhan's support? Can't censor him, but can denounce his statements. What do you say about Rev. Jeremiah Wright's support for Farrakhan? He responds by talking about Israel and its sacrosanct spot in American foreign policy.

Clinton implies that he should go further and reject Farrakhan, not simply denounce him. Obama offers to reject as well.

The audience applauds.

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