Jan 9, 2008

Two states down... and how many to go?

We've already had two state primaries and we still don't know who the nominees are? Jesus. I mean, seriously, what the fuck!?

Somehow a protracted (meaning more than one week) campaign has everyone all twitchy. Be thankful. Easy choices are usually bad ones. Let's give it an American Idol lifespan.

That being said, I think we can write off Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson on the right. Fred Thompson makes the Crypt Keeper look young, and Huckabee's embrace of a flat tax proves his politics are more on the fringe than I'd suspected.

John Edwards is probably finished, too; but he has some things to prove yet before he goes away. Too bad, I'd like for him to have made a bigger impact.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Dems then, and Mitt "the Mormon" Romney and John "I can't believe I'm still alive" McCain for the Reps. I'm taking odds, but only a fool would bet big at this point.

The Dem bench is deeper and more attractive, I believe. Republicans I've talked to would be willing to vote for Obama, but no one voting for Obama is going to seriously consider voting for a Republican.

Clinton might be hated, but I still think she's more viable than McCain.

And I guess there's still a Rudy Giuliani bid out there. Like a vampire, he's waiting for the right time to strike. I think his strategy is as crazy as he is.

I'll try to post more regularly but I work for a living now.

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