Jan 5, 2008

Silver-colored jumpsuits, jet packs and ubiquitous blogs

I get that the Internet has wrought, and will continue to wrought, changes in our lives that are substantial and meaningful. This includes the lives of journalists.

But I'm tired of writers who characterize the habits of anyone who doesn't want to embrace the latest pop trend as old fashioned or tired.

Funnily enough, most of the people I see saying this are usually graying men (Jeff Jarvis, Steve Outing) who seem to feel they only have a short time left to embrace the future.

So little time, in fact, that they can't waste it understanding history.

For some reason, it makes me wish Philip K. Dick were still alive and writing.

1 comment:

todd said...

"Yeah, we could use a magic wand to get rid of that tired old thinking."

Glad you have a PKD tag.